Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NIC Disabled

Several weeks ago, I encountered a strange problem with a computer, it can start normally, but all network services, such as http, telnet, ping, broke down. After many effort, I gave up and thought some new virus invaded the computer, and suggested to re-install windows. Today, that guy comes, and I asked how about his computer, he explained that the NIC is disabled by the Network Center, possible because his computer with virus automatically spread that virus. OK, NIC disabled, here are some information about it:

How to check if your Network Card is Enabled or Disabled

For Win2000/XP

Right Click on My Computer

Select Properties

Select the Hardware Tab

Click on the Device Manager button and double click on Network Adapters

The Red Cross shows means the Network Card is Disabled.

The one with no Cross means the Network card is enabled.

How To Enable the Disabled Card ?

Right Click on the network card that is disabled and and Click on Enable

Friday, November 24, 2006

Does Indetificatin of Transcriptional Network Take Alternative Splicing Into Accout?

It is boring and tiring to apply for graduate school. However, you will often has the pleasure to find a stranger with the interesting ideas. Two days ago, I noticed a message from a UIUC professor seeking for post-doc students, I visit his lab website. I am attracted by the project of Identification of transcriptional network in his lab, because it focuses on high eukaryote ( more complicated and exciting than YEAST). Alternative splicing flashes in my mind. I wrote his a letter, "It is reported that many high eukaryote's pre-mRNA is subjected to alternative splicing, yielding products of different functions. (it is estimated 40%-50% human genes have the alternative splicing phenomena ) And it proved important in development, such as sex determination. I would like to know whether your research take this post-transcriptional regulation into account. If yes, how do you determine the alternative-splicing sites, via some database or prediction algorithm?" He replied soon, but don't touch this topic. Any ideas?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why Europeanian discovered theory of continental drift?

Why it is European, Alfred Wegener, who discovered the theory of continental drift? I guess it can be explained by the different world maps an European, an Asian, and an American will see.

Europeans sees

Asian sees

Finally, an American finds the world is like this

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Systems Biology Review Series

Nature release recently a series of reviews on systems biology. I have long been hoping to read these papers, however cannot help becoming lazy in leisure senior grades.

Today my eye is caught by the opening line of Collecting and organizing systematic sets of protein data. It states, "The goals of systems biology are orthogonal to large-scale efforts to catalogue genomes, proteomes and interactomes.". I found it a novel expression because I nearly be used to the tone of "omics", and I have a strong feeling that there is always a new idea behind a novel expression. I continue with the paper.

Following the striking opening line comes a sound argument: organism is heterogenous and biological process is dynamic; thus, systems biology require dynamic, spatially resolved data on gene and protein function; This type of data is complex, thus data must be collected with reference to specific, quantitative models.

The authors say practical trade-offs must be considered when selecting what to measure and how frequently to measure it. I wonder whether we can build a model to model the experimental process instead of a preliminary experiment, or at least the experiment model give some insight into the process before the indispensable preliminary experiment.

About the third point data fusion, no single method is sufficient to measure the full diversity of protein signals. On the other hand, even there really exist a general method, how can we believe it gives the right data, given the inaccuracy of biological experiment. Therefore, data fusion also means error detection.

About mass spectrometry, the biggest limitation is not the instrumentation, but rather inadequate software and the need to confirm peptide assignments by hand. Further reading needed to confirm whether it is a rich land.

Computed metrics: In the paper analysis of cellular biology, I made a analog that the change of magnetic field incites electronic field, we biologist have long focus on the absolute level of protein or gene, but the change may make difference, however we have no a method to characterize the change until now. The section express similar idea.